Your guide to spotify invite… (Yes, this is part 5).

Well, you don`t got a invite yet? Well, it`s not a excuse not to get hold on a ticket to one of the worlds best music players. This is the updated guide, only for all of you that still haven`t got a hold on a invite yet. If you want to look at my four other guides then lock at the bottom, there you will find links.

1. First go to this adress:

2. Put this in to the query form (copy- paste is a good ide for the lacy ones, ctrl+c and then ctrl+v)

(This will get you straight to the registration form)

3. Fill out the form and use one of these when you are asked for a postal code:

SO31 4NG
SE15 2NZ

4. Hit register. Unless you are from Norway, jump to nr. 6

5. If you are from Norway, log in to your account and change country to Norway. You have 14 days on you to do this, or they will close your account.

6. Please leave a reply on how it went.

Good luck 🙂

Links to the other guides:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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2 tanker om “Your guide to spotify invite… (Yes, this is part 5).

  1. Had to log in to the account from the main page after creating it, because the installer wouldn't download successfully, but otherwise works fine! Thank you! =)

  2. the downloading thing happened to me with firefox, too. works fine in safari. probably an issue with FF and the anonymizing proxy.

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